About Us.

- White Wing Sanitary TRD. LLC -

About us

White Wing Sanitary TRD. LLC locating in Dubai regarded as a warm, beautiful seashore garden and civilized and clean city in UAE, is an all-round company integrating R&D, production and marketing. Our company comprises the following function department: research and developed, production, marketing, etc.

White Wing Sanitary TRD. LLC owns a positive, diligent, responsible, professional technical management team. We are dedicated to pursue in self-improvement, advocating the human first and technology first, providing best effectively service. We believe in our potential advantages and put the highest quality and most reliable products as our goal. We play a leading role in this field. In order to provide diverse products and structure satisfying our clients different demand, we will continue to strengthen innovation and development.

Customer Relationship


Building and maintaining customer relationships is central to our business. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we are always at your service. We have steadily built a reputation for customer satisfaction, quality and dependability for all our products. From your first phone call through the ordering and installation process, our goal is to provide you with excellent service, superior product, and value.



Our mission is to lead the public sanitation reform, advocate humanized service and combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services at reasonable prices to provide the best service and customer satisfaction. Additionally, White Wing Sanitary Toilet Seat is focusing to have high quality, safety ,environmental protectiveness and energy saving. White Wing appeals to more care, more feeling, and our goal is ensure all toilets can be sat on.



To be the greatest service company in the region. Everyone in White Wing discovers a personal interpretation of “greatest” that supports what they do, every day. However it is not about revenues, profitability or growth. It is about being recognized as being the greatest in our field. It means being the best at what we do, and how we do it – bringing service to life. That recognition comes from those we deal with.